Mestre Ze com Fome – Our MESTRE

Adailton Dos Reis aka Mestre Ze Com Fome was born and raised on a farm in Brazil in a less then privileged rural area. His parents worked on the farm that was owned by a Capoeira Master, Mestre Rafael who created Capoeira Group Senzala. Growing up on Mestre Rafael’s farm, Ze (Mestre Ze Com Fome) was very intrigued by Capoeira and knew he would someday train but not having the means to pay for Capoeira training became a challenge and seemed impossible. One day Mestre Rafael decided to teach Capoeira to Ze and some other under privileged kids in the area out of his garage of his home for free. Ze started training with Mestre Rafael at the age of 14 till he was about 18 years old. Capoeira became Ze’s education in life as he was not able to attend much school as he needed to help his parents provide for his family. Mestre Rafael picked up many different Mestre’s to come for a month at a time, to help train the group over the years such as Mestre Peixinho, Gato, Sorriso, Garrincha, Tony Vargas, Luis Paulo and Disa, which was more than a treat to have learned with some of the best in the world.

Ze had to fight adversity over the years to continue his training. Capoeira was and is still looked down upon by many people in Brazil who believe it to be a “street art” due to its roots with the African slaves from Angola. He was discriminated by many because of his devotion to his training even from some of his own family members. The need to help his family financially and escape poverty Ze was forced to leave the farm and move to the City, Belo Horizonte at age 18. With Mestre Rafael’s recommendation Ze started training in Mestre Museu’s group and traveling almost daily for hours to get to the academy after work as Mestre Museu’s group was far from Ze’s location in the city. With determination, his passion for Capoeira and eagerness he rarely missed an opportunity or class to train with Mestre Museu who is his Mestre till this very day.

Many years training Ze eventually received Professor level and had decided to move to the US to begin his work here. Ze’s goal was to teach Capoeira in the U.S adding one more branch of the Group Artes Das Gerais, which already existed in Japan, Germany, Ireland and of course Brazil. Ze moved to the United States and with much struggle but strong willed opened his academy in Framingham, Massachusetts where he began teaching Capoeira. Ze traveled throughout the years to participate in the initiation events (Batizado’s) and attend as many workshops given by Mestres from other country’s as possible, going as far as Germany, Canada and all over the U.S. He now frequently teaches workshops himself at these events as well attended by hundreds of Capoeiristas. (Capoeira practitioners).

In 2010, 24 years in the making, Ze finally graduated and received his Mestre (Master) cord by Mestre Museu. In March 2011 Ze came to Miami to teach a Capoeira workshop where he met his wife and relocated from Massachusetts to Miami where he currently teaches Capoeira. Ze also holds a rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has been training BJJ for 15 years. He has been training and competing with Team Link, from Massachusetts for about 7 years. He also teaches and competes in MMA and currently he holds 5 wins and 1 loss in MMA. Because of his training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA, Ze tends to focus more on the “combative” side of Capoeira. During his classes, he constantly reminds students that although is great to learn all the “pretty” moves, Capoeira is first a “Martial Art”, not a dance. Ze describes Capoeira as a “University” because you never know everything and you are constantly learning something new.



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